Return to Empire


Nationalism, what nationalism?

Yes, that terminology is going to go down well with all the Commonwealth countries. Roll up, roll up – get your jam and oppression here.

Yeah we stripped your land of resources (including people), expected your men to fight in wars for us, forcefully removed your children, caused famines and spent the last 40 years ignoring you while we were in the EU – but we’re back NOW.

What do you mean there’s no bunting?

What with that and Tebbit ranting last week

We don’t have the power to look after rights of the British overseas, not in these days with so few gunboats

You do wonder what century the Tory party is aiming to take us into? (and how the fuck is he still part of a modern political discussion?)

What next? Reforming The Hudson Bay and the East India Companies?

I would say this isn’t a game but it becomes more and more apparent that it is for the multi-millionaires of May’s cabinet. It’s not like they will ever suffer the consequences.

I will leave you with the disturbing mental image of “disgraced former defence secretary” Liam Fox dressed as a pirate.

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