And the answer is?


Jeremy Corbyn has been up to Glasgow again today hanging out with Anas “safe seat” Sarwar and Frank “dusky maidens” McAveety in that socialist hot-spot of Byres Road.

Now we keep being told – after every election post-mortem & listening exercise – that Scottish Labour is becoming more autonomous and that Kezia is in charge up here. And yet despite her going on and on and on about how Labour would NEVER support another referendum Corbyn has said he thinks it’s perfectly fine.


Of course this has brought about much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the remaining members of the party. Not that they need much excuse, they hate Corbyn about as much as they do the SNP. Don’t forget Kezia declared for Owen Smith in last year’s Labour Leadership Election and Scotland was the only “region” in the party where Smith out polled Corbyn.

The remaining Labour MP Ian Murray’s response was:

wiAnd Jackie Baillie MSP released this statement:


Fuck sake, they lecture Scotland on solidarity and they can’t even agree between themselves.

I dunno, there seems to be a bit of panic going on this week from the Unionist parties. Willie Rennie is both for and against second referendums depending on whether they are regarding the EU or  iScot.

Bless him, he’s calling for an emotional case for the Union;  I guess that’s because they used up all of Project Fear last time.

Can’t think what’s got them wound up; it’s not like the official campaigning has even stared yet. 🙂




Image: “Janus” Tony Grist


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