Another poll out last night with Yes at 48%, reports that Teresa May will trigger Article 50 tomorrow and an announcement last night that Nicola will make a statement to the press at 11:30.

I’m amazed I got any sleep last night; the butterflies aren’t dancing they are moshing.

This isn’t going to be THE announcement, it will be one last offer to May – I say more confidently than I have any right to. It’s another step closer to what we all know is coming.

62% of Scotland (32 out of 32 council areas) voted to remain in Europe. The SNP 2016 manifesto listed this actual scenario for an IndyRef trigger.

It. Is. Coming.

And the waiting is agony. I am so antsy or as @RedRaiph saws *aw dansis aboot*

Thank fuck we have a grown up in Bute House

Image by @RedRaiph





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