*dusts off new hashtag*

It hasn’t quite taken me this long to stop bouncing after this morning’s announcement – so much for my “I don’t think this will be the big one” but then I don’t claim to be a political commentator.

What can I say?

Firstly – and despite being an SNP member – I am so pleased this announcement came from Nicola as First Minister of Scotland and not SNP Leader. There is a difference and it’s important.

Secondly, the nerves are gone. Completely

This referendum is going to happen. Holyrood has a pro-Indy majority and the Greens – bless their organic bamboo socks – are fully onboard.

Thirdly,  the question of who will lead BetterTogether2 seems to have been answered – it’s the media. Every other candidate appears a bit rattled and shouty at the moment.

The old arguments are being re-hashed. Currency/the pound, I’m sorry how much has it devalued since the EU ref?  Euro – don’t need to join. Spain – have already said they won’t veto if independence is democratically gained (but they may veto Brexit over Gibraltar) NATO – have you seen how much strategically important waters Scotland has? (Iceland doesn’t even have a standing army, are founder members and are on the other side of *that* gap).


[Also – while discussing the news – have you seen Boris is on about a royal yacht again? So much for austerity. I suppose if they are wanting Empire 2.0 they need frivolous white elephants. What is it with the Brexit bunch and boats?]

Back to the referendum – Labour, LibDems & Tories are still saying they will try to block it in Holyrood – pointless as SNP & Greens have a majority, but interesting to see how they automatically line up together.

Depending on which line Corbyn is pushing at the moment, at some point in the last few days SLab disagreed with their party leader to agreed with the Tories.


Another unforeseen plus and despite both MPs & Lords rolling over for May today, it looks like her being upstaged has pushed Article 50 being enacted back another 2 weeks.

We keep hearing that this referendum will be divisive (because the EU Ref was all flowers and kittens) and yet politicians are happy to use 3 million EU nationals as bargaining chips.

It will be interesting to see how European negotiators respond now when WM offers up Scottish fishing grounds to smooth the way for the banking industry. I wonder what the French and German is for “Will ye, aye?” Nicola’s preemptive announcement may aid Scotland in more ways than one.

But got to get Council elections out of the way first so I need to get my arse out canvassing.

We may live in interesting times, are there any that aren’t? But it is nice feeling there is something to work towards.

It may not be easy but it’s going to be worth it.


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