Innovative Jam Tomorrow


Here we go again, it’s like the last week of IndyRef all over again. The UK Prime Minister has suddenly realised there is life outside the Home Counties and is coming north to Scotland to offer “new” powers.

The thing is unlike the Super-Dooper “closest thing to federalisation” Vow that Gordon Brown promised, “signed” by Cameron, Milliband and Clegg, these are temporary powers only.

Hmm, what to think, what to think?

Let’s look back shall we?

The Vow, emblazoned on the front page of the Record on the 16th September 2014.


I’m not going through it step by step because that’s been done comprehensively by Wings and even the Guardian has called it “creative.”

However the last thing I needed to see on the 19th September 2014 was Cameron doing his EVEL speech, but he did. There’s nothing like being magnanimous in victory and as a Tory the temptation to twist the knife was obviously too much. That was the final straw that got me joining the SNP.

Then of course Scotland got the Smith Commission  where Labour screwed us over as hard as it could. Then they wonder why they are polling at 14%.


Of course the Labour party thinks we have the long-term memory of a goldfish which is why the Vow’s author keeps being resurrected for yet another intervention to promise further devolution.How can you be have more devolution if we already have the closest thing to federalisation?


It’s weird how these things are being promised again and yet we haven’t even started a referendum campaign. Panicked much?

I get the feeling Theresa May has realised her already weak position re Europe is crumbling further. It’s not going to be so easy to bargain away Scotland’s waters and fish to save the City when the whole world knows it might not be hers to offer. If nothing else Nicola has made sure that Scotland is noticed during these negotiations.

It’s not a good week for Theresa, Scotland is kicking up a fuss, Northern Ireland looks like it’s heading for an impasse which could mean direct rule from London – cue frantic googling of “Northern Irish politics” at Whitehall. All it needs now is Wales and poor forgotten Gibraltar (who voted 96% Remain) to kick off and I think there would be a collective melt-down.

By the way Wales & Gibraltar – you’ll get NOTHING if you don’t make a fuss. Westminster tends to view the other nations more as recalcitrant children than equal partners so sometimes it’s best to act up to get noticed.

The Tory’s “precious union” is falling apart and they are the main ones to blame, if it weren’t for Cameron’ hubris on the 19th and May’s high-handedness since becoming PM things may have been different. There is only one government in this united kingdom that produced a Brexit plan and it wasn’t the one in London. They dismissed the Scottish proposals on the day it was published.

Even if May did offer federalisation – something that there is no demand for in England – I wouldn’t believe her. And if you do well there’s 3 bridges on the way to Fife I’d like to offer you at bargain prices.

Why have some temporary powers when you can have them all permanently?





2 thoughts on “Innovative Jam Tomorrow

  1. Simone – I have just seen that you have listed my own blog – Random Public Journal – in your ‘Rogues Gallery,’ and I apologise for the message here in your comments. I couldn’t find you on Twitter. I want to say Thank You. As you know, it’s really encouraging to discover that other people are reading what we are writing. I love what you are doing and saying – and so to be listed by you is all the more wonderful. Thank you. – Jason Michael


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