THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST! But it is part of the irregularly scheduled cat posts promised in my home page.

I’m not a storyteller so you’ll have to bear with me.

I’ve just returned from a week at my parents and a bit of background information is required. They live in an Edwardian terraced house with, shall we say unique architecture, it was only in the last 30 or so years that partition walls were put up between the attics. Prior to that you could have run along the whole length of the terrace.

Thursday morning my daughter was getting changed in the bedroom we shared and she shouted down that she had heard a kitten mew. While saying something along the lines of Don’t be daft, I go up and had a quick look round.

No cat.

She heads downstairs for breakfast and I start to get changed, I hear a mew in the room.

Really loud, really clear coming from the corner. I looks under my bed. Cases, shoes.

No cat.

My mum is outside. She shouts up to me Was that a cat? Is it from next door?

I’m replying No, it sounded like it was in the room.

I look under my daughter’s bed in case it had sneaked past me. No cat.

Anyway it can’t have got in through the window, no plants have been knocked over.

There’s a cat sat in the neighbour’s kitchen window. Maybe it can throw its voice? (I would consider anything at this point) 🙂 I spend 5 minutes watching this cat, it doesn’t make a noise and then jumps back into the room out of sight.

There’s another mew. Behind me. From the corner.

By now Dad’s come upstairs. He’s also heard it. Maybe it’s under the floorboards? (This has happened twice with cats in our family and anything is possible with the way these houses are built.)

You know that bit in Aliens when they can see the aliens heading towards them on the monitor and they are in the room?

Yeah I felt a bit like Ripley. Where the hell was this cat?

The thought of lifting carpet, underlay, hardboard and then wonky 100-year-old floorboards is daunting but no one wants a cat to die under there. Over the years my parents have taken in stray cats, nursed injured racing pigeons, looked after hedgehogs. There’s no way they are going to let a cat stay trapped.

Dad thinks that if he vacuums it might go back the way it came in.  While he goes to get the vacuum I move side table, bags, books etc. You know the clutter you take with you on holiday.

I then lay on the floor trying to listen for movement. Nothing. If it weren’t for other people hearing it I would think I am going mad.

Dad brings the vacuum up, he carefully sets it going near where we heard the noise and moves it across the room slowly. He wants the cat to move but is aware it’s probably terrified.

We listen again. There’s still no noise and the neighbours with cats are either out or asleep, so there’s not much more we can do.

So Dad is left on listening duty while Mum, my daughter & I continue our planned day out, about 40 minute journey away. (He didn’t want to come so don’t feel sorry for him)

During the drive Mum & I tell my daughter some of the escapades our family’s animals have had over the years.

When we get there I park up and open the rear passenger side door to get my bag out. There’s a loud mew!

Daughter goes There can’t be a cat in here.

There isn’t.

I’ve worked it out.

It’s her phone!

Turns out she has a screen saver app that mews when she gets notifications. O.o

Normally she has the sound off (because she has so many notification) but had accidentally turned it on when it was charging.

She thought she was going to be in trouble – as if – everyone was so relieved we were going to have to crowbar up the floor.



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