Vote Till You Boke – the sequel

A few weeks ago I did a post on the Single Transferable Vote system used in the Scottish council elections, mainly as a way for me to work through James Kelly‘s excellent explanations on the subject.

Anyway, I’ve just seen this graphic and to be honest I feel it explains it all very clearly. Obviously if you are a Green or Socialist you put those candidates in the “Greatest Guy” spot.

Independents you squeeze in where ever you think best. And good luck in identifying those who have dropped their party allegiance to improve their chances. Some should squeak the rate they are leaving certain parties. Some on the other hand are people you want on side, who care about their locality.


The point is to continue ranking even those you consider arseholes, because if one council seat has to go to an arsehole let’s try to make sure it’s the least despicable one.

It’s not giving them a vote, it’s saying they are in the “over my dead body” spot.


4 thoughts on “Vote Till You Boke – the sequel

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