Won’t somebody stop me

That’s pretty much what Ruth Davidson has come out with today.

She has finally made a statement on the latest abomination from the Tory Party (rather than hiding behind a spokesman yesterday)


HER party has introduced this and she expects the Scottish Government to mitigate it. How much more can they do? They are defending people against the bedroom tax and cuts to Housing Benefit through Discretionary Housing Payments. The Scottish Welfare Fund also provides grants for people in crisis – e.g. if sanctioned. They’ve continued the Independent Living Fund supporting disabled people.

Holyrood has control of 15% of the benefit system – and by the way it is Social Security – a safety net for those who need it, not just something given away – it’s the sign of a civilised nation, a caring one. Which is probably why those bastards in Cabinet are doing their best to remove it.

We have Tax Credits because employers pay shite wages. A week’s wage should be enough to support a family but it doesn’t and rather than improve the minimum wage tax credits were introduced to make up the gap – another subsidy to business.

Then there was the benefit cap, which almost seem sensible until you realise how much some people are paying in rent. Housing benefit isn’t just for the unemployed, working families are struggling too.

We are supposed to be the 5, 6 or 7th richest nation in the world (I can’t keep track since Brexit fucked things up – and it hasn’t even started yet) why do we have anyone in poverty, let alone the thousands relying on foodbanks and the total horror of homelessness. The only trickle down is them pissing on us.

This two child policy has put us in a very select group with China, Hong Kong, Iran, Singapore and Vietnam. Do politicians not look at demographic data? Yes the world as a whole is overpopulated, but we have a baby boom blip. And let’s face it going by the way they treat the WASPI women no one under 50 is ever likely to see retirement.

These type of policy doesn’t make people think about how big a family they can support. No child would be born into a working class family if they waited to be financially secure. There are no jobs for life. Circumstances change. Contraception fails. When the child is here it needs feeding and clothing.

I am so ashamed that this could have even been discussed, let alone implemented.

As for the rape clause, it’s abhorrent. 8 pages to be filled in to outline that your child was conceived through rape. Having to go through the trauma again, for another bunch of bureaucrats to decide. And imagine how any child would feel if they found out.

Of course, people will say they could terminate the pregnancy. Aye right, because there’s no sigma involved with that. Yet again, it’s all on the woman.

And Ruth “I’m a cuddly Tory” Davidson has the gall to say the SNP are being hypocrites! It’s taken a week for her finally say something. She’s shed her “compassionate” facade like the snake she is.

If you vote Tory THIS is what you are voting for.

A “society” without compassion, without heart. A bureaucratic, penny-pinching,   privatising, everyone out for themselves rat-race.

I don’t intend to squeak. I’m going to roar against this.

It could be my friend, my family, my daughter having to face this.

Life is hard enough without us standing together, supporting one another.




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