One last time


I wasn’t going to write anymore on this, I’m still not sure if I should. But I see my corner of Twitter is going round and round in circles over the STV voting system and I can’t help but stick my tuppence worth in again. 

Even my own MP is only saying Vote SNP 1, 2, 3 only; which is no help as I am in Linn ward of Glasgow where there are 3 available seats and only 2 SNP candidates. I sure as hell aren’t giving anyone a free go at that last seat.

I am lucky as I have no independents that need researching, so I have a really easy choice. (BTW my opinion is if you can’t find anything online about an independent – treat them as really dodgy, no one is that clean)

The BBC have a list linking to all candidates here

I am fully behind the Vote Til You Boke theory, they’ve used it in Northern Ireland for a while and seem to have a better grasp of how it works.

In simple form, you aren’t voting for candidates, it’s more like you are listing your order of preference. As I’ve said in previous blogs – this is my choice, you vote how you want. I just don’t want the unionists to have a free reign with the last rankings.

  1. SNP
  2. SNP
  3. Scottish Greens (Then it gets yucky)
  4. LibDem
  5. Labour
  6. Labour
  7. the Heartless Wankers party (only because there is no one else I can put in front)

I’m not voting Labour or Tory, I am saying I prefer everyone else to them. The only way they could be off the bottom of the list is if we had UKIP, BNP, or NF candidates. (then again, looking at some of the Tory candidates….)

That’s it, I’m done.





2 thoughts on “One last time

  1. There are 6, 1 SNP, 2 labour and 3 Tory, I also have 3 independents for my area. I can’t get any information on one of them, the 2nd owns a fancy sweet shop so I’m guessing Tory lol, the 3rd is on fb & was asked the question on Indy but didn’t give a straight answer.
    I’m definitely voting till I’m boaking just not sure of the preferences yet apart from number 1.


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