Wow, just wow



Initial reaction: Dear god, another election. (I hope you appreciate I didn’t go for a title of “Now is not the time”)

I was pretty sure @DuckandGoat had called it

So firstly.

This is what happens when rules get broken, they then get broken again & again.

As for the Fixed Term Parliament Act, I’m guessing she’s worked out how to get round it or has plans to revoke it.

I have to admit, this part of the speech (PPB) made me laugh:

Holding an election is the only way to ensure certainty and stability

I thought 65 million people were already behind you Theresa? Or has the derision that arises every single time you come out with your trite hollow hack-eyed phrases finally got through?

Or is it that the two polls this weekend putting the Tories 21 points ahead of Labour were jut too tempting.

I suppose it’s a win-win for her really, if the Tories wins in England she gets a mandate for Brexit and her austerity policies. If she loses, she gets to resign and Brexit is someone else’s mess (if it goes ahead)

Labour is toast unless the PLP actually pull together with its members. How far will the Blairites go to undermine Corbyn? Will they risk their own seats?

LibDems will be pushing their Pro-EU stance, but Farron refuses to rule out working with the Tories again. So they are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

As for Scotland it’s weird how Referendums are divisive but General Elections aren’t. We’re still waiting for whatever version of federalism Brown promised us *cough* 2-3 years Gordon, that’s what you said.

It really does bring it into sharp clarity up here.  You are either for Independence or Tory rule.

On the plus side I hope the 43,864 Remain voting people of Dumfries & Galloway give the Governor General’s shoogly peg a good yank. He only has a majority of 798.

Also be interesting to see how Murray (majority 2,637) and Liar Carmichael (majority 817) do too.

A final thought, how the hell will this effect Northern Ireland or has Westminster forgotten about them again?

Oh well, I’ve been slack in helping out with the Council elections for one reason or another. Guess I better get my arse into gear for this one.


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