The Scarlet Pimpernel


It turns out that Anagallis arvensis also has a rare blue form azurea. You probably still stand a better chance of finding this tiny flower than you have of interacting with Theresa May over this election period.

Right from the start she’s said she won’t do televised debates, and after seeing her in PMQs that’s not surprising. She is a terrible public speaker. (I know – I’m one too,) Let’s face it the only reason she’s PM is because the alternatives were all so dire.

In this first week of the campaign she’s had 4 public election engagements….

Firstly was Bolton North East constituency where she arrived by helicopter, stayed for 15 minutes at a golf club and only spoke to Conservative activists. Although a taxi driver did manage to get his opinion across

Next was Kelvin Hughes, a radar manufacturer, in Enfield. (Enfield voted 56% Remain) As you can see there were vast crowds of public and journalists from whom she took questions. Oh no, the other thing


The next day, another factory; GlaxoSmithKline’s Maidenhead operations where she spoke to some of her constituents

The body language of the staff is not what I would call the most welcoming.


Windsor and Maidenhead also voted 53.9% to Remain so I’m note sure how they must feel about their MP swapping from being a low-key remainer to pushing  hard-line “crush the saboteurs” Brexit.

And on Friday she visited Netherton (somewhere in the West Midlands) Conservative Club. I think I can see a theme forming here.

In the meantime she hired Lynton Crosby, the man who ran Zac Goldsmith’s racist London Mayor campaign. I don’t think there’s much to choose between him and the loathsome McTernan. Is it he or May’s scintillating personality that has caused the third Tory Spad to leave in the last seven days?

So much for a strong and stable government. Not even going to start on #ToryElectionFraud.

Other nuggets today have been Fallon saying May would fire nuclear weapons first *cough* Rogue state? And yay, at least living in Glasgow I know I would probably be incinerated in the retaliatory strike, which has to be better than surviving in a post-nuclear wasteland.

Then of course in Scotland we’ve had the branch manager Ruth “cuddly” Davidson trying to distract from her support of women having to declare any 3rd child conceived from rape on a 8-page form to get Tax Credits with this poster:


(The petiton against the cap is here, please sign)

While everyone else is campaigning for Council seats and a General Election, Ruth is banging on about about a referendum that hasn’t even been called yet rather than focusing on relevant local and national issues.

Today she tried to revert back to her usual photo ops (bit smaller than her usual buffalo or tank)

Yeah I’m sure all the 50,000 disabled people who have had their mobility vehicles removed after PIP evaluation would love to explore the Trossachs – if only they could get there!

And yet some polls think the Tories will get 12 seats in Scotland. The only way they will make gains is if supposed Labour supporters vote for them. There’s no way anyone can cal themselves a Labour supporter if they vote for the Tories.

You vote for those bastards you are voting to privatise the NHS, to terrorise the poor the disabled, to make the UK a haven for tax-avoiding corporations whilst worker’s rights get continually eroded, for a Prime Minister who travels the world sucking up to tyrants and despots in order to sell them weapons.

There’s no excuse; we’ve seen what has happened in the last seven years, record government borrowing, an economy crashing and the only growth being food banks and homelessness. You vote Tory you are saying none of that matters none of those people matter.



One thought on “The Scarlet Pimpernel

  1. “…the only reason she’s PM is because the alternatives were all so dire…”

    Or maybe it’s because all those paedo files weren’t really lost and she has the goods on the big boys in the Tory party….


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