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Earlier this month I noticed that my Twitter timeline seemed to be containing a lot of tweets from the Scotland Office. Now I don’t follow the Governor General’s safe house and I became quickly aware that these were coming more often than the usual re-tweeted “look at this shite”.

I wasn’t the only one noticing, there was a lot of people complaining about getting them, which made me wonder how much this was costing. So being a nosy bugger I contacted them to find out.

[As an aside research by the UCL has found putting in a Freedom of Information request doubles your chances of getting a result compared to “just asking”]

I got my response this weekend to the following questions:

  1. How long this promoted tweet campaign is running for? Start date & end date
  2. How much it costs.
  3. Is the same being replicated across other social media sites?
  4. If so, Which ones? How long for? And cost for each
  5. And finally who gave approval for this campaign?



So, £47,395.65 on this campaign, what a bloody waste. The Tories tried to bluster their way through the Benefit Cap & Rape Clause in Holyrood today saying it was necessary budgeting. At £13.50 per child this campaign equals 3510 weeks 3rd child tax credit. How many more PR exercises could be cut? Surely they are less necessary than feeding children.

As for the who gave approval, I got this paragraph with another dose of their spin. The last line in particular made me laugh. Since when has the UK Government been keen to ensure the public is aware of the facts?


Those statements come across to me as a threat, why would they be so keen to highlight the trade unless they wanted to use it as a bargaining point?

But really, in the event of an independent Scotland is rUK going to stop trading with us? No more Scottish electricity or water, never mind the agriculture, the whisky  and let us not forget the big statistic not included in the list below which is that Scotland produces 70% of gin consumed in the UK.

Scotland resources

The one question I forgot to ask is who exactly was being targeted? Was it UK wide or only certain areas? (Yes, I have asked that now. Remember not a journalist, just an opinionated & nosy)

So hopefully an update coming soon.

Image: Pixabay



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