Today Theresa May came to support her supposedly resurgent party in Scotland. So where did she hold court? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Dundee?

Crathes, in Aberdeenshire (55% Remain vote). It’s about 17 miles outside Aberdeen. You can almost feel the horror of having to travel miles to for a set piece from the Maybot in Jamie Ross’s piece for Buzzfeed.

To be honest it is actually possible she could have found somewhere more remote without actually going to Brigadoon, such as suggested here:

But I think even the BBC couldn’t spin that, though they still are trying valiantly

Crathes has a population of 143, so either they were all in there or they were busing members in from all of the North East. I’m going for the latter as there seems to be no one there under 40.

What I don’t understand is, if Theresa May is more in touch with the people here than Nicola Sturgeon as Ruth Davidson is claiming, why isn’t she coming to the major cities? Why isn’t she mingling with the people?

You can find Nicola somewhere in this Inverness crowd

So much for the British value of Freedom of speech.

Yeah she really sounds popular.


Picture: Crathes Village Hall


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