Highs and lows

Council election results day & I have mixed feelings. It didn’t help that the first tweet I saw this morning was this:

Honestly, look at that blue. I know it’s not UKIP but when the Tories have swung so far right that Farage can brag what’s the fucking difference? People voting for what is essentially as 12 year old BNP manifesto.


I have to say if you know me on Facebook and voted for those fuckers (or UKIP) unfriend me now because I don’t want anything to do with you from now on. This isn’t me trying to make a point, I mean it. You have voted for policies that hurt people I care about, you have risked my daughter’s future and that of her friends and I don’t want to associate with selfish, ignorant bastards.

Yes, I am angry and I feel sick at what England is turning into.

And if you didn’t vote, what the fuck are you playing at? Not voting is not an abdication of responsibility.  As Burke said, “‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” How many in the US do you think are regretting not voting now they have Trump as President? The alternative may be shite, but it’s still better. You’ve got a second chance, make sure you are on the electoral register and vote on the 8th June.

Rant over

Our Scottish counts started this morning. On the plus side Willie Young is out of Aberdeen but unfortunately McAveety is still in Glasgow. Though he’s probably not as smug as normal because when I got home Friday lunchtime I was greeted with:

Historic despite Sarwar whining about being underdogs.

LABOUR WAS IN CHARGE FOR FORTY YEARS! If you are an underdog it’s because of your colossal sense of entitlement, you bellend. Fuck sake you practically inherited your Westminster seat.

As I write I still don’t know as yet whether the swing is enough for a SNP majority, whether it requires a SNP/Green alliance or if Labour will continue its descent into irrelevancy and go into coalition with the Tories again.

Rational people would think; hmm voters who have left us keep calling us red Tories. Maybe we should put some distance between us?”

No, not Scottish Labour. Fucking Blairites, they keep plodding rightwards. Scottish Labour branding is getting so toxic here they ran as Glasgow Labour. What next? Ibrox Labour? Fuck sake they will never out Tory the Tories.

They have been well and truly played by the Tory Party up here. Started off bragging that they were spending Tory money as they fronted the Better Together campaign & then they wondered why their left-wing support abandon them. Next they dithered over whether they should allow a free vote in the party re indy which #RapeClause Ruth to declare she is the one true voice of unionism. They swing back to no to a second referendum, but then it’s too late and their uber-Yoons have moved on to the Tories.

I honestly wonder at what point they would think it’s a good idea to get out of this union and the foreseeable never-ending Tory rule? Sacrifice of the firstborn, the country on zero-hours contracts, mass deportation of anyone who isn’t the correct shade of white?

Current state of play is this:


No matter how much the Tories try to spin it, all they have done so far is mop up unionist Labour votes.

And as for those who switched their vote from Labour to Tory, I hope you never have to look yourself in the mirror when family or friends need support from the state. I hope you never fall ill, or need care, I hope none of your friends are European because you have voted for them to be deported. This Tory government is fucking insane. and you have said you support it.

The unionist media have got what they wanted, Scottish politics now appears to be fully unionist vs independence supporters. I’m not sure that this will work out for them. What point now (if ever there was one) in dragging Brown out for future interventions?

May prides herself on being a difficult woman, her style of know-your-place leadership is not going to go down well. Davidson is also losing her shine amongst moderates with her continual shouting & finger-pointing.

Going on HIGNFY is not going to shine off the tarnish of being the Tory face up here. Surely even the most fervent Shettleston unionist will eventually find a Union Flag doesn’t make up for trips to a food bank and weans going hungry.

We keep being told you can’t eat a fleg. That works both ways.



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