Not a mini-me

That isn’t a dig at Patrick’s height, although I may have the urge to pop him in my bag and bring take him home on occasion.

You may be aware that Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Greens (an actual Scottish party, unlike Labour, Tories or LibDems) is standing in Glasgow North for the upcoming General Election against Patrick Grady of the SNP. (I’m not sure who the other candidates are let alone if they will have shaved heads & glasses.)

I’ve seen some consternation from Yes supporters re splitting the vote. As  you are aware I am an SNP member and will obviously be voting for my SNP candidate. (Hi Stewart)  I am however a fan of the Green party and was pleased they increased their number of Councillors this week.

I hope that they will continue to work with the SNP in Holyrood and hopefully Glasgow City Council but appreciate that they will be looking to push their agenda.

The Greens are not a junior SNP and should not be seen as such.

They are their own party with their own polices and if they want to stand in every constituency they have every right to. They will never progress from 4th party place if they are not ambitious.

The SNP will be fighting for every seat in Scotland; no one expects them to stand aside to let the Greens have a punt.

If you support the SNP vote for them. If you support the Greens vote for them.

#VotePatrick 😉



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