Not so special relationship


The problem when you rely on a narcissistic man-child to save you from a disastrous political undertaking is that he is about as reliable as any other toddler.

What a difference from when May rushed over to visit him and inviting him for a state visit.


Less than a year ago he was all for the UK leaving the EU.

But since becoming President he’s changed his mind; putting Britain behind the EU in the queue for a trade deal and now worried it will affect US jobs.

It’s almost as if his first comments were made without full appreciation of the ramifications of the situation. Bit like being President. O.o

Of course the frostiness is not just one-sided, US intelligence leaking information on the police investigation of the Manchester attack is completely unacceptable.

The “special relationship” has always been uneven. The only reason the US went along with it was because they wanted the UK as back up. This country has been the equivalent of the weedy kid who sucks up to the school bully to make sure he doesn’t get picked on.

The UK is going to end up out of the EU with no trade deal, the Commonwealth countries are not going to welcome us with open arms (rightly so after how they’ve been treated over the years) and the US is only going to want a deal when it gets round to it if we lower our environmental and workers rights standards down to theirs.

The way she’s conducted this election I wouldn’t trust her to get a fish supper correct.



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