There’s an update at this at the end. Lesson learnt – never take Labour party press releases at face value.

I’ve seen a few discussions on Facebook started by English Labour supporters posting in pro-Indy forums that we should join together to fight off the Tories, by which they usually mean vote Labour.

With Labour it’s vote for us or nothing. The same old tune they been singing badly for however many years now. We will listen, they say after EVERY election defeat. And yet they don’t change.

“Come back to us you vile nationalists, see the error of your ways.” – I paraphrase, but only slightly.

Then they wonder why the general reaction is “Fuck off.”

Corbyn, who is still very much swayed by the full on hatred of the SNP of Scottish Labour, has said no to a progressive alliance. Jeez, it’s even described as a progressive alliance. There are many things that Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green parties agree on.


So much of what Labour wants has already been implemented in Scotland. And you know what? Slab have bitched every bloody step of the way; the bastard Bain principle is the only one they have.

I doubt any SNP voter thinks they are perfect. I know I don’t. Sooner we get land tax sorted the better, but at least we are talking about it here (Yay, Greens.) Can you imagine the palpitations if it were raised in the House of Commons?

Kezia Dugdale says SNP MPs only go to Westminster to talk about Independence – what bullshit. How often has the SNP been the only opposition to the Tories, while Labour goes through convulsions as the PLP tries to backstab their leader.

Ian Murray for example – the last Scottish Labour MP – resigned on air as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland in order to damage Corbyn. That’s how much he gives a damn about Scotland.

I’m not going to reproduce Grant’s thread, but it is worth checking out. I have to admit I was surprised at how varied the issues are that have been highlighted.

What Labour party members need to remember (before they start lecturing SNP supporters) is that with 85% of the seats the GE is won or lost in England. If every single person in Scotland voted Labour in the last election the Tory majority would have only been cut by one.

We’re doing our best to kick the Tories out, leave us to it and stop your candidates from coming out with ridiculous things like this billboard.


Vote Conservative – in BIG letters. Trust me, I’ve been past in a car – that’s prety much the impression you take.


And as for the SNP being obsessed with indy (okay, okay, I’ll admit I am but it’s the only way I can see this part of the UK avoiding the oncoming clusterfuck of Brexit)

SAY NO! That’s it.

Not “vote no during a referendum”, it’s a full on no to the democratic process. If they are so sure the majority of Scots don’t want independence why not say go for it?

Nothing  about opposing the Tories, the party actually in Government, the ones bring about massive unnecessary austerity.

So much for Her Majesty’s Official Opposition.

In fact he even states he has the local Tory MSP’s backing – Bitter Together back in action


I would normally use Labour leaflets from my ward as examples – except I haven’t had a single one.  Not for the General Election or the Council. Not one.

Labour took Scotland for granted. They didn’t used to canvass because they didn’t think they needed it and then in 2015 they found they didn’t have any data. This year I don’t think they have many activists.

So where did all these Labour supporters go? Let’s see, which two parties got massive membership increases a few years ago? Ah yes that would be the SNP & Greens.

I hope England elects Labour, but maybe instead of hectoring us that we must return to the Labour party, listen to us.

We aren’t coming  back.


Since posting I saw these screenshots via @Michael_Blackley



obviously open to discussions with the Government in Scotland and listen very carefully to what the Scottish Parliament says.

No, it’s not a alliance but it’s talking which is more than the Tories will do. Maybe Labour should stop letting the Tories run the discussion and make out that working with the devolved nations is a bad thing.



2 thoughts on “Comrades?


    sorry you dislike us so much. very sad to hear that But we need a progressive alliance to get Tories out in England which is where there is the greatest threat to our children’s lives. Some of you might want to come to England and work here. Sorry we have terrible Tory govts but don’t tar all of us with the same brush. I wouldn’t dream of doing that to anyone (apart from the Tories)


    1. I totally agree we do need a progressive alliance and as I said I want Labour to win in England.

      What I am is sick to death of being told by English Labour supporters that I should vote for Labour in Scotland especially when looking at what Scottish Labour put up as candidates. What we have is a bunch of Blairites who would happily see Corbyn fail.

      I’ve just come back to update this post as I’ve seen what the Labour party DIDN’T put in their press release


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