Where are we going?

I don’t normally write on disability issues, I don’t have the experience so would rather share pieces online by those who do.  However I’ve seen two articles/videos in the last two days that I have to talk about.

The first is the struggle that people have to go through to be “independent.”


What can I say? It is dreadful.

Then today I saw this in Disability News Network.

When asked what she would do to protect people from being forcibly institutionalised,   Penny Mordaunt the Minister for disabled people replied

The decision about whether to institutionalise somebody against their will is rightly a matter for medical professionals, and decisions should be made on the grounds of individual safety and health.

She was asked this because it appears that many English NHS primary care organisations have quietly introduced policies that could result in disabled people with complex healthcare needs being moved into nursing or residential homes against their wishes to cut costs.

I understand that NHS budgets are tight but institutionalising people especially against their own wishes is horrific.

This cannot be allowed to happen. People need support in their own homes. They need care, dignity and respect.  Disabled people should not be hidden away as it leads to “othering.” They are part of our community and should be included as such.

The main problem with Thatcher’s “Care in the community” was there was no care involved. People were expected to fend for themselves without enough not enough preparation or assistance.

Disabled people – like everyone else – are not a homogeneous group, each individual has their own requirements and as a so-called first world country we should be able to support them whatever their choices, if it be independent living or in a care or residential home.

I don’t know if Labour has the answer to this in England, but I’m pretty sure the Tories don’t care.

So many times you see comments online when discussing foreign aid that “we should help our own first.”

Do it then, get these heartless bastards out of power. Because if you think the Tories will look after you if you fall ill, or get injured or get old you are very much mistaken.






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