Moving on


Theresa May was in Edinburgh today (briefly). As normal the visit was set up in secret; the Glorious Leader can’t possibly interact with people she might catch something –  like public opinion.

The event appears to be something out of the Thick of It as it was held in a home removals company. Yes that’s right, I imagine Lynton Crosby is screaming down the phone at someone right now.

Head Girl Davidson introduced her by saying “Tory MPs will go to Westminster to “make Britain great again.”

Apart from my immediate reaction of “ugh, Trumpism”  what exactly have they been doing in government for the last 7 years? Making it adequate? If only they were that ambitious.

I think Davidson has got so used to being in opposition here that she forgets it’s her damn party ruinning running the rest of the UK.

It appears May is up here is to “send a message to Nicola Sturgeon” – yawn. It’s a pity her government never answered their Brexit Hotline number.

What I don’t get is Scottish Tories run an anti-indy ref message in every campaign, Holyrood, council and now Westminster. Every damn time they say send a message and every damn time they poll less than the SNP. So who’s not getting the message?

Aaanyway, that wasn’t what I was intending to blog about today.  May has performed dreadfully in this election campaign. Even if the Tories do win comfortably I believe she has destroyed her credibility within the party. They thought they were going to cruise this and now they watch their lead plumment in the polls.

So firstly, if she does resign/get pushed, who the fuck is going to replace her? Let’s face it, she only became Prime Minister due to the ineptitude of her opposition.

And secondly Brexit negotiations begin in less than 2 weeks. I am aware that the EU have said they will delay if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister but what happens if there is another Tory leadership contest?

Let’s make it easier, vote whoever will get the Tories out and let them do their infighting in peace.



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