No look over here

So in order to deflect from her terrible record on security as Prime Minister and Home Secretary, May has thrown the dead cat of leaving the ECHR on the table.

What’s that another u-turn? Just days in front of a General Election. Doesn’t purdah count for anything these days?  Seriously why do the Tories even bother with a manifesto? They’ve can’t even stick to it before the vote, no wonder they didn’t bother costing it.


She says the UK will leave European Court of Human Rights in order to fight against terrorism. So what exactly does it cover?

  1. The right to life
  2. The prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment
  3. Protection against slavery and forced labour
  4. The right to liberty and freedom
  5. The right to a fair trial and no punishment without law
  6. Respect for privacy and family life and the right to marry
  7. Freedom of thought, religion and belief
  8. Free speech and peaceful process
  9. No discrimination
  10. Protection of property, the right to an education and the right to free elections

I don’t see anything there that stops her implementing the multitude of terror laws we already have in place. What I do see is a number of issues that her government have already been investigated and reprimanded over by the UN; such as their treatment of the disabled.

ECHR is integral to the Good Friday agreement as well as the Welsh & Scottish Parliaments, without it there would have been no Hillsborough investigation. And if you say – ah but Abu Qatada- well I’ll let @DavidAllenGreen (Law and policy commentator at  explain: (Tweets here)



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