First Impressions

I’m hoping this post makes sense as I’ve only had 2 hours sleep after a day of feeling nauseous, which to be honest is better state than I was in after the EURef.

So initial response, could be better but could be a whole fucking lot worse.

649 seats declared UK wide

  • Conservatives – 318 (42.4%)
  • Labour – 216 (40.0%)
  • SNP – 35 (3.0%)
  • Lib Dems – 12 (7.4%)
  • DUP – 10 (0.9%)
  • Sinn Fein – 7 (0.7%)
  • Plaid Cymru – 4 (0.5%)
  • Greens – 1 (1.6%)
  • Other – 1 (0.6%)
  • UKIP = 0 (1.8%)

We really do need some form of proportional representation, and I say this knowing my party would take a hit from it.

So hung parliament territory, unless May gets the DUPs backing. Wow. The climate change denying party that blocks equal marriage and legal abortions in Northern Ireland.

May gambled and lost big time. Who would have thought a campaign of hiding in remote sheds, an un-costed manifesto, multiple u-turns and robotic soundbites could lose?

It looks like the 18 – 24 age group paid attention; I’ve heard there was a 72% turn out for that group which is fantastic. I hope they keep this up because I can’t imagine things are going to be anywhere near “Strong & Stable” for a while. And as much as I enjoy politics the thought of another election in six months time does not fill me with any level of joy.

Hopefully Corbyn is safe, his attitude to Scotland does my head in, but I can’t complain at his manifesto as (excepting the renewal of Trident) we either already have it in Scotland or it was on the SNP’s manifesto.

I hope he now has enough backing within his party to sort out the Blairites up here.

So in Scotland

  • SNP – 35 (36.9 %)
  • Conservatives – 13 (28.6 %)
  • Labour – 7 (27.1 %)
  • Lib Dems – 4 (6.8%)
  • Green – 0 (0.2 %)
  • UKIP – 0 (0.2%)

The Herald’s Camley was right on Wednesday


SNP have 59.3 % of the seats (35.9 % of the votes) second highest number of seats ever and yet all we are going to hear is about the Tories. This is the level we should be expecting. Last time was unbelievable and will never be matched. (It was nice though)

Only an idiot would think we could keep them all, however I am gutted over some of the excellent parliamentarians we have lost. I mean Angus was replaced by a fucking linesman who can’t be bothered to attend his committees in Holyrood. Yes, we know who the bastard in the black is.

So the farming and fishing communities have backed the Tories, knowing that Brexit is coming. Jeez, I can’t even go there right now.

Sometimes I think the SNP have done too good a job at mitigating Tory policies because how else do you explain working class communities going blue? And good luck anyone who voted Tory who ends up on Universal Credit, because you ain’t going to get any help from them when you have no money for weeks on end.

The SNP had good policies but the opposition and media constantly ran with the No to Indyref line. I hope they start being less reactive and more proactive in getting the message out. I do wonder how the unionist voters react when they realise that the increased Tory vote up here still won’t change that the Scottish Parliament have already voted on a Section 30 request.

I’ve already seen comments of “Scotland has given the UK a Tory government.” I have two responses to that you can pick from, firstly – Now you know what it feels like or secondly – 22% of our seats are Tory, 56% of England’s are. Glasshouses? Stones?

Scotland only has 9 % of the seats, we can’t save England from itself

As for the SLab bounce, that’s has to be due to Corbyn, which is ironic as the party up here don’t want him as leader.

A quick aside to gloat – good to see Labour’s BetterTogether master strategist Blair McDougall come third in East Renfrewshire. Maybe putting up a poster with big fucking letter saying “Vote Conservative” wasn’t a good idea? East Ren going Tory wasn’t a surprise, I mean even when they were Labour it was Jim Murphy. He’s not the first person that comes to mind when I think socialist.

I’ll finish with two things that got me smiling at stupid o’clock this morning.

  1. UKIP vote share are down by 10.8% and Nuttall vote share dropped 26.1 & in Boston & Skegness
  2. Cameron (now our second most stupid Prime Minister) by bringing in EVEL means that the DUP and Scottish unionist MPs can’t vote on some legislation.





2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I think we knew that the SNP was going to lose seats, the 2015 was on the back of the Indy ref 1. As the night went on it was 1 shock after another. My wish then went for a hung parliament or Corbyn winning, preferably the latter.
    I’m going to say that it’s Ruthy with her slimy smile saying she won that’s sickening me the most even though SNP still won in Scotland.


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