Two in a bed


Except of course Arlene disapproves of that sort of thing.

The first choice of title was “I fucking knew it”as it looks like the sweetener for the DUP propping up May is dragging abortion law in England backwards. And that will be just for starters.

(I’m not going to list how horrific they are, because @green_grainger has done one already here)

Now luckily for us in Scotland abortion law was devolved in May 2016 – no thanks to Labour – but this is not something we can or should shrug our shoulders over. As I said last year  when we had Christian Fundamentalists picketing the Southern General;  there are many within the Tory party that would like to see restrictions imposed and that not enough was being done to help women in Ireland.

Since then Nicola Sturgeon has raised the possibility of Northern Irish women being able to access terminations through NHS Scotland (that went down well with the DUP as you can imagine) whereas Jeremy Hunt has stated that the English NHS  can only help women who live in England. For a unionist party the Tories do seen to like to keep Northern Irish women and LGBT second class.

We need to push back and put a stop to this now. Not only should the laws not be restricted further, the need for a second doctor’s signature must be removed and the women of Northern Ireland should have the same rights as us in England, Scotland and Wales. We should not be held to ransom by a small group of religious fanatics (any religious fanatics)

If you against abortions, don’t have one. But no one has the right to say what anyone else does with their body.

One other point. The Tories have introduced a cap on Tax Credits for more than 2 children (excluding rape). How does this work with the possible restrictions? It seems to me it’s going to be another case of being in the wrong whatever you do. But then the Tory party has been no friend to women over the last few years.

If you haven’t already signed the petition against a Tory/DUP coalition the link is here 

If you have a Conservative MP here is a template to express your concern over this coalition.


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