is still and always will be an entitled self-serving shite.

He has used his position at the London Evening Standard to undermine Theresa May and then this morning twisted the knife further.

He is doing it because she got to be Prime Minister and then unceremoniously kicked him out of No. 11.

I see he also had a dig at his other ex-competitor for top dog; ‘Boris Johnson has a permanent leadership campaign’

He’s right in both cases but this does not make him a good guy or a great wit; it’s more examples of what a vindictive little sod he is.

However as I said during the previous Conservative leadership election there’s nothing more entertaining than seeing the Tories turn on each other.  They are so much better at it than the Labour party, more ruthless.

So we have some fun weeks ahead. The Brexit clock is ticking.

The Conservatives may or may not have a deal with the DUP; there’s been so many briefings on that – coalition, supply & confidence agreed/not agreed, discussions to happen.

Speaking of which, it appears Ruth Davidson trying to throw her political weight around now she has 13 MPs. I think she’ll find that “her” MPs are more likely to listen to the leader of their party than their branch manager. And of course EVEL is still in place.

It’s strange really, Davidson complains about DUP views whilst for the last year she’s been courting the Orange Order.  This is what happens when your only policy is saving the union.

It’s so good of her to stand for LGBT rights in England, Scotland & Wales. She needs to stand up for those in Northern Ireland too. I wish she could show some interest for women with an unwanted pregnancy, apart from if tax credits are involved of course.

She cannot claim to be a defender of a united kingdom if she doesn’t stand up for equality amongst all parts of that union.

But then she might change her mind again by tomorrow. She’s not exactly been known for sticking to her principles.


I then googled “Ruth Davidson No to Indyref” for a third picture and got 157,000 results

Then there’s Brexit



We should wire her up to the National Grid, she spins so much she could power a small town.


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