Theresa May announced yesterday that there will be a public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower Fire. A “something must be done, we are doing something” response.

Her history with public inquiries is not good – they get dragged out and it feels to me like this is a delaying tactic.

Then I saw this interview with Sophie Khan, who was the solicitor for the victims of the Lakanal House tower block fire in 2009.

And this one with Aamer Anwar, lawyer and human rights activist.

As far as I can tell

A public inquiry is set up by government, its scope set by government and run by a judge appointed by the Home Secretary. Interested members of the public and organisations may make (written) evidential submissions.

Inquests are governed by the Coroners Rules and near relatives (or their laywers) are entitled to examine witnesses and those whose conduct is likely to be scrutinised.

I don’t know if it will do any good, this government are expert at ignoring things they don’t like (like loss of mandate) but here is a petition



2 thoughts on “Something

  1. No point in a 38 degrees petition-it has no power to get any form of response from govt let alone an inquest. Just a complete waste of time.

    Govt has it all sewn up-you can only use their official petition site if you want action:
    Over 10,000 signatures you will get a response via email.
    100,000 signatures -govt will CONSIDER holding a debate in the commons. If they choose not to there is no comeback.

    Get us out of here. Tory control is poisonous to ordinary people.

    Plus-why is no one in the media talking about the 400 or so missing people from #GrenfellTower?


    1. I think they are trying to manage the anger, let the figures creep up a bit at a time.
      22 people died & 116 injured in Manchester, 52 people died in 7 July 2005 London attack.
      This could be so much more and due to negligence/profiteering.


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