Couple of things

I’m supposed to be on a break from politics. I switched off my Twitter account again last weekend in an attempt to reduce the “noise” and clear my head. And yet I found myself on the bus into town for not one but two demos today.

The first was a women’s solidarity gathering with the New York women’s march for a nuclear weapons ban. Throughout June and July of 2017, governments will negotiate a ban on nuclear weapons at the United Nations.  There are events ongoing world-wide to celebrate these historic talks and demand an effective treaty to prohibit these weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately the US, Russia, China, UK, Canada and Australia are amongst countries boycotting these talks. Yes, it appears that the countries with the dangerous phallic symbols (and their allies) are the ones who don’t want their toys taking away. The say the world is too dangerous – my response is – yes it is and that’s why we want to take them way from you.

I’ve done a fuller rant on nuclear weapons – in particular on Trident – here.

I was late and missed all but one of the speakers, but luckily the ubiquitous Independence Live was in attendance so it is possible to see the full event.

After that I had an hour to spare so was able to catch up with friends “Hi Sharon!” (it’s way to see if she reads this 😜)

Then back to Buchanan Steps for the next rally this time set up by Living Rent Glasgow in support of the Grenfell Tower residents

Aamer Anwer was (in my opinion) outstanding and one of the later speakers – a woman from Canada – was very informative explaining how residents have banded together against being forced out of their homes in Toronto when facing “gentrification” after the removal of rent caps.

(apologies for you only showing the rear view of speakers – I’d got a comfy spot)

As a side note, I’ve seen May has finally met residents today and has said any public inquiry will report to her. That does not reassure me. No when you see the Tories usual reaction to negative reports.

Finally a quick punt for Independence Live latest crowdfunder.

They are a great resource in the Scottish political scene, mainly volunteers but with one full-time member of staff who I know works his arse off. It would be bloody shame if they weren’t around.


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