Playing soldiers

Easing myself back into political watching so switched Twitter back on.  Yeah I know.

First the good news the diligent @MammothWhale has finally started to blog and I would recommend you add him to your regular reading.


Then I scrolled down my timeline, oh boy.

Firstly I see Ruth Davidson  was all dressed up at Armed Forces Day, making the most of her Honorary Colonel-ship of her old TA regiment – the one she was in for 3 years.

I am aware they usually appoint public figures (or goats) to these roles but an active politician? And one who is currently leading her branch office in Scotland while being feted in England for getting Tory votes up to the giddy heights of 22%.

She must be over the moon, it’s fits her BritNat narrative perfectly.  What I don’t understand is why the military thought this was a good idea. Their own regulations say they should be politically neutral, see section e below.


Politicians and the military should be separate – I don’t object to ex-military standing for office – representatives should come from all walks of life. But I feel uneasy about this, I don’t like the way this country is increasing it’s military fetish.

We already have the Tory party pushing Army Cadets in schools, targeting areas of deprivation.


People should join the military because they want to not because it’s the only thing available.

This government happily sing the praises of “our boys” when they want to invade somewhere or prop up depleted police numbers, but I don’t find them so keen to help them when it comes to adequate equipment or when they leave the forces.


And then this from Angela Leadsom

Patriotic? You mean unquestioning, right?

We have a supine media dropping to 40th in the press freedom rankings, it hardly investigates, only regurgitating press releases. The majority of newspapers owned by a few companies pushing their own – usually right-wing agenda and a BBC who reflects this as it “reports” on the papers.

Angela Leadsom, the woman who almost beat Meh last year for the Tory leadership until her disastrous comments about motherhood. No wonder she wants less scrutiny.

As the saying goes; Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. It is the rallying cry of those who really don’t want you looking at what they are really up to.


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