Tin rattling

There’s been a lot going on politically over the last two days – so I’m giving myself 24 hours to get my thoughts straight because I’m still at the string of obscenities stage concerning MayDUP.

In the meantime I’m playing the “It’s my blog I’ll write about what I want to” card.

Today that is about supporting our indy / alternative media – but not Bella or Commonspace because frankly they have enough people shouting for them already.

Obviously I’m a fan of AnyVoice, the site that started me writing (don’t hold that against them) and Ungagged who are coaxing me off the page.

I cannot write this without mentioning the fantastically talented PhantomPower who produces stunning documentaries including the brilliant “Journey to Yes” series; the last two interviewing AC Grayling and Richard Murphy. If you haven’t watched them yet, get a brew or a pint and do it; both are incredibly informative and it takes less than an hour.


There are two groups I wish to talk about today, both of which are in need of financial support. I know times are hard, but I would appreciate if people could share the projects even if they can’t back them.


The first is iScot magazine.

Seriously, if you can afford to get this you should. It’s a beautiful magazine with fantastic writers and while it supports Scottish independence it isn’t in your face with it.

It is a monthly publication and as it isn’t trapped in the 24 hour news cycle is able to consider issues at a steady considered pace. It covers a wide-ranging of topics all with a Scottish slant. Plus you get Blaze on his walks & Major Bloodnok as an Agony Aunt – now that’s a contrast.

The digital edition is only £2.99 (£29.99 for the year) the print version £5.99 (£71.88 annually). We pay for ours out of our “not funding the BBC” pot.

It’s latest subscription drive / appeal is here.


The second is Independence Live. Their crowdfunder is currently at 22% of £6,500 target with just over a week to go.

I cannot stress enough how important I think this group is.


As a group they have no party political affiliations and have livestreamed between 800 – 900 events both political and cultural since starting in 2013. They work to the principle of “Don’t hate the media, become the media” and they seem intent on training as many people as possible on how to livestream.

Thanks to the current network of around 30 active volunteers they are able to attend most large events; the conferences, rallies, protests, as well as those smaller ones such as hustings and community talks that traditional media wouldn’t consider.

This enables people who can’t get in person the chance to see what’s going on and at the same time have accumulated an amazing record of what is going on in Scotland (and further afield)

If this wasn’t enough they also Skype livestream interviews by Dr Mark McNaught, who is based in France, plus hosting a selection of bloggers.

So you may ask if it is volunteers why do they need money? Organising such  diverse venture takes time and focus. Having a full-time member has meant that there is an easily identifiable contact; committees are great but dictators get things done. (And now I’m laughing because Kev is so so far from being a dictator.)

Having a full-time member of staff in place has led to office and studio space being donated to the group. This allows further expansion in what it does and what it can offer to other groups. One thing you can say about Independence Live is that they are keen to share and support other projects.

If we don’t support this organisations we will lose them. It’s easy to complain about how our views are not represented in the mainstream, so when something comes along that offers an alternative and a chance for our voices to be heard we have to get behind them.

I know times are hard, so if you can’t donate, please share.

iScot subscription appeal.
Independence Live crowdfunder


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