I try my best not to impose my views on my daughter. I want her to make up her own mind, to question authority (to be honest sometimes I have been too successful in that) but we do talk about what’s going on when I go to meetings, demos etc. She comes along only if she wants to.

Being a fairly curious child she asks questions; mainly “what are you laughing at?” and as I’m a political junkie the answers aren’t always about some cat doing weird stuff.

This morning,  I was laughing at Anas Sarwar being described as a “recent convert” to Corbynism. (Aye, about a minute after Kezia resigned.)

So I said that one of the forerunners for the new Scottish Labour leader had gone to school at Hutchesons & also sent his kids there. Her expression was priceless.

She goes to a state school in the south-side of Glasgow, close enough that she occasionally runs across pupils from Hutchesons. “They’re a bunch of snobs” is her usual description.

Her first encounter had left her unimpressed – some boy  (future member of the Tory youth movement “Activate“?) shouting “all feminists are bitches” at a group of girls and I don’t think further encounters has improved her opinion much.

Her expression got worse after I said he was claiming to be a socialist (after explaining what socialism is – we tend to talk about fairness rather than political theories.)

She’s 12 and thinks him being leader of a supposed left-wing party is wrong.

Personally I can’t wait to see Sarwar trying for a man of the people act; when he talks socialism I am reminded of Marx but not Karl, Groucho.

 Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well I have others.

To be honest, he’ll probably be perfect for Scottish Labour  leader. He’ll speed up their trajectory from irrelevance to extinction.

A few more bad results and hopefully UK Labour will give up thinking of Scotland as theirs. I think Corbyn’s visit last week will have shown him how little the party is thought of up here.

The “crowd” photos came straight of the Tory PR handbook, few supporters with close camera angles. You don’t see those kind of shots when he holds rallies in England where he does have big crowds.

Anyway, I’ve got the popcorn in while we wait to see who wants the poisoned chalice of SLab leadership and who is too sensible to run for it.  I imagine the conversation in Slab HQ is going something along these lines.



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