Oh, *that* many…

It’s weird sometimes how your (or mine) brain works, you see one thing and then it leads you on to something else.

I saw a Canary piece yesterday yesterday saying the Corbyn surge had just taken Scotland by storm.


I’m sorry but it’s one of those headlines that should be prefixed with “I hope”.

Now I’m not denying that Corbyn is seen more positively when compared against the other UK party leaders, but he’s up against May and Cable. So yeah, he’s the preferable PM.


Yes, if you look at these result from YouGov, it does look good for Corbyn, but it also looks good for Ruth Davidson!   Any poll that has pro-austerity, pro-Rape Clause, pro-fracking and who knows where she sands on Brexit this week Ruth Davidson at +17 is a bit suspect.

The SNP have been in power at Holyrood for 10 years with Nicola Sturgeon as FM for 3 to have a neutral result is remarkable in comparison May is at -49 after a year.

I think Corbyn is doing an okay job at starting to drag Labour to the left, but I still wouldn’t vote for him or any of his candidates – because it would be a vote for Scottish Labour. They can’t stand him and disagree with him over a lot of policies.

These are the “crowds” he gets in Scotland.

Unlike Labour who took the Scottish electorate for granted for decades the SNP keeps trying, and I think that’s why there is still a great deal of trust in them. To poll 42% mid third term is amazing. (17 points ahead of Labour, who to be fair have now finally pushed the Tories into 3rd place see James Kelly for detail )

And when it comes down to it, it is trust.

In 2015 Corbyn promised to visit Scotland once a month, which doesn’t seems unreasonable. 8% of the population getting some attention 5% of the time (based on 20 working days a month)

DLrWPr5XUAEEQx1Yeah I can’t remember that happening. In fact I’ve sent an email to Scottish Labour this morning to ask how many times he’s been here.

He said it again at conference.


His last visit which attracted a lot of media attention but not much else was in August. It’s now the 9th October. So…..

If he can’t keep the simplest of promises how can he be trusted on anything else?

I don’t doubt he is a socialist – which is something I wish I could say about SLab – but he is concerned with English politics, the 85% of the UK population, not the 8% of Scotland, 5% Wales and 3% Northern Ireland.

That’s “the many” he’s interested in. The pro-brexit, pro-trident votes.


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