Most mornings when I wake up and check Twitter my first reaction is for fucks sake. Some mornings that doesn’t seem enough.

Today was one of those days.

She’s backing a campaign against named person against the advice of protection groups and aligning with fundamental Christians (and we only have to look at current day America to see how that turns out) If you want a fuller rant, here’s what I wrote last year.


This woman’s party is supported by bigots, misogynists & perverts (and that’s just her councillors we know about)

In the mean time her party’s policies are deliberately pushing people into poverty and homelessness.

120,000 extra people have died in England and Wales due to the cuts in nurse numbers, these aren’t the DWP deaths (estimated at 90 a month in 2015), these are the elderly and people in care homes.

I was in Glasgow centre yesterday. The number of homeless people on the streets is heartbreaking. I get so angry because of the helplessness we feel. My family gives help to food banks, charities and individuals but we shouldn’t have to.

No one should be sleeping rough. There are homes lying empty but those at the “top” of our society don’t care.

It’s not the immigrants to blame, it’s the billionaire bastards buying property as an investment, those that off-shore. The people her party sucks up to.

They don’t give a fuck about the average person.

I used to think that Thatcher’s bunch was the worst group of selfish, heartless, scheming bastards to serve as a UK government. But no this shower of cunts is worse (and I include Cameron, Osborne & the LibDems that propped them up)

Incompetent on economics, ideologically wedded to austerity, the only thing they seem good at and take actual delight in is causing misery for thousands, whether it it the young, the old, the disabled. Is it any wonder levels of mental health issues are increasing.

But hey, we have a royal baby & wedding to pay for….


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