Tory Advent: Day 2

You’re getting a few of this in a rush because I got distracted working on a longer post….

So on Saturday, the way the UK’s ruling party Scottish branch pissed me off was

Save our surgeries, the brass neck of these arseholes is blinding. Do they think we can’t see what’s happening in England and Wales? The Scottish NHS is doing astoundingly well in comparison to the service they run.

The new Scottish GP contract has been praised by Dr Sally Lewis of NHS Wales as “inspired, bold and exactly the way we should be heading in my opinion.”

The NHS in England is being run down and privatised. Only this week it had to pay out to Richard Branson’s Virgin Care after he basically had a temper tantrum over not wining contracts.

Before IndyRef Dr Philippa Whitford warned the NHS in England would be gone in  5 years, Scotland’s in 10 if we didn’t vote yes. I fear she may be right but it won’t be down to ScotGov if that happens, it will be down to the bloody hands of the Tory party.

This is 25 minutes long but she’s always worth listening too



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