Tory Advent: Day 4

Has to be about the complete and utter clusterfuck that is the Brexit negotiations. Yesterday May announced she’s be taking the lead – and oh boy can’t you tell – complete mayhem has ensued.

Started with lunchtime’s “leak” that there was a deal over Northern Ireland, keeping it in the single market – which would be a considerable step on the path to complete re-unification.

This was followed by the predictable tantrum from the DUP stating that there should be consistency over UK legislation – something that seems to be irrelevant when it comes to same-sex marriage, the right to veto legislation etc, etc.

And then in only a few hours it looks like May has backed down and the deal has been withdrawn. Just who is the main partner in this unofficial coalition because it looks like it isn’t the PM of the UK.

In the mean time, Nicola Sturgeon, Carwyn Jones, Sadik Khan and Fabian Picardo (Gibralter’s Chief Minister) have all come out with different variations of “haud on!”

Precious union my arse. The ONLY thing May and her party are thinking about is clinging on to power.


Of course who know what has happened in the half an hour I spent writing this


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