Tory Advent: Day 5

Day 5; this is definitely turning into a thing.

Today’s post is another on Brexit. Ruth Davidson has made her statement (though not an interview – wouldn’t want any awkward questions)

The question on the Brexit ballot paper asked voters whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union – it did not ask if the country should be divided by different deals for different home nations.

While I recognise the complexity of the current negotiations, no government of the Conservative and Unionist Party should countenance any deal that compromises the political, economic or constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.

All sides agree there should be no return to the borders of the past between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Similarly, jeopardising the UK’s own internal market is in no-one’s interest.

If regulatory alignment in a number of specific areas is the requirement for a frictionless border, then the Prime Minister should conclude this must be on a UK-wide basis.

In favour of having her cake and eating it? Or is this Davidson changing tack the way she always does? @Zarkwan is going to have to hand out magnifying glasses soon for people to read his graphics if he has to squeeze much more text in.


She’s well and truly lined up with the DUP (for the moment) the group whoonly yesterday trashed the last remains of any pretence of control May had.

This darling of the Tories, the “progressive” face of the party has lined up with a group of people who consider her own sexuality  “disgusting” and an “abomination”. In 2015 their own Health Minister said   “The facts show that you certainly don’t bring a child up in a homosexual relationship. That child is far more likely to be abused or neglected.”

Davidson like to be on the winning side, now the question is has she nailed her colours (blue obviously) to the mast too quickly? We’ve seen how her party has embraced and encouraged sectarianism in Scotland but is she prepared to go as far as Arlene’s gang?

This union at all costs no matter the damage to people’s lives is making those who weren’t so bothered about constitutional matters take notice. The people of both Northern Ireland and Scotland do not have short memories and despite some members of our media joyfully talking up divisions I don’t think that’s what the majority of people want.

This ramping up of tensions especially with regard to setting up an internal Irish border will push some into making a choice sooner than they would maybe have planned to.

These so-called conservatives seem intent on wrecking people’s lives but the imperialistic attitudes coming from some may end up destroying their Union, something they claim to be most precious.

I only hope they hurry up.


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