Tory Advent: Day 8

Well what can I say? 18 months of bluffing, hyperbole and downright lies the first phase of the Brexit agreements have taken place and what has happened?

Pretty much bugger all.

The EU has set terms and May has accepted them. So much for taking back control etc.

The Brexiteers are raging – well more than normal. Hopefully Gove and Rees-Moog will both choke on their bile as it appears environmental regulations will be protected at least short term.

One thing that is certain is plotting will go continue in the Tory party. May’s been on a shoogly peg for a while now, I think the only reason she hasn’t been pushed out already is the lack of quality candidates.

May only got to be Tory leader as she was the last one standing  in the last leadership election. She was the best least worst of a truly appalling bunch. Can you imagine any of the others as PM?

I’ve just looked at Oddschecker (a first for me) and these are the top 10 candidates.


Rees-Mogg, a man who looks and sounds like he’s stepped out of a Wodehouse novel. He might have been a brilliant PM 100 years ago (I doubt it) but now?

Johnson, a man who tries to sound like he’s stepped out of a Wodehouse novel. He wants to be PM more than the others but wanting to be PM doesn’t make you any good at it, Cameron was a prime example of that.

Davies, an incompetent blustering liar.

Leadsom, how appalling was her last campaign for leadership?

Amber Rudd, another crap Home Secretary and one linked to the Panama Papers.

Ruth Davidson, not even an MP. The only policy she has is No surrender Referendum.  That’s she’s 6th in that list shows how much she’s protected by her friends in the media.

Gove – really? Murdoch supporter, Trump suck up. He’s always been the creepy kid who smarms round the biggest bully. Not really a leader.

Philip Hammond – only this week blamed the disabled for low productivity.

Gavin Williamson – the chief whip who became Defence Secretary after Fallon quit. The man who was probably very aware what sleeze MPs have been up to.

Dominic Rabb, Justice Minister. He’s not someone I have much awareness of apart from his continued resistance to opening up legal aid.

None of them are what I would call honourable human beings but I suppose that’s what makes them good Tories.


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