Tory Advent: Day 11

Slight variation this time because it’s getting me down doing this every day.

This current Tory line up is the most venal, mendacious, cruel and yet at the same time most inept government I have had the misfortune to live under it. Yet it feels like they are called to account more by their DUP partners and right-wing backbenchers than they are by the “official” opposition.

I’m at the stage where I’m not even angry at the Labour party anymore not how I was after the last IndyRef.

They’re just shite.

It’s something I’ve accepted. They see Scottish voters as theirs and will never forgive us for going elsewhere.

They still don’t understand they could work with the SNP against the Tories, that doing so would actually improve their standing amongst the voters who left them.

The simple logic of any seat held by the SNP isn’t a Tory seat eludes them, it’s all or nothing with them, no compromise. no cross party consensus with SNP, Plaid Cymru or Greens. The two-party system is all they care about – and look at the damage a system like that has done in the US.

I had high hopes for Corbyn at the start and was genuinely pleased he beat his competition in both leadership campaigns. I feel Momentum has invigorated and focused labour activists and given some complacent MPs a good fright but I feel that they are let down by their leadership.

There’s been a lot of fuss on social media about the lack of reporting on Corbyn winning the MacBride Peace Prize and yes it should have been reported. However I feel any reporting of his ” sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace” should also include that the party he leads manifesto still backs the renewal of Trident.

If he can’t convince his own party how does he think he can convince the rest of the country?  I sometimes wonder if his unionism is linked to the need for a base that isn’t near the south of England.

Then there’s the stance on Brexit. Labour’s position appears to change daily.  It  feels like Labour is trying to sell a Brexit position of “not quite as bad as the Tories.” Which if anyone knew what’s the Tories position was – apart from having our cake and eating it –  would be a good start.

Now it’s reported that Corbyn wants to delay the exit date, well maybe he shouldn’t have pushed for Article 50 being sent so quickly at the start.

Opposition means putting forward ideas and alternatives not just whinging.  “I wouldn’t do it like that” is not a policy.  Not waffle like we could stay in “a variant of the single market”. We’re either in or out. There is no shading.

When they say jobs-first Brexit I’m assuming they mean fruit picking because it feels like that’s all that’s going to be on offer.

Is it any wonder that the polls still have them neck and neck with the Tories?


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