Tory Advent: Day 13

Unlucky for some or unlucky for many?

Well someone’s loss is another’s gain. And the prospective loss of Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson to Westminster is a gain for Scottish politics.

I doubt there is a single person in Scotland with even the slightest awareness of politics surprised at this news.

Her supporters have been talking her up, even as far as PM – remember she is currently 6th favourite to replace May. But what has she actually done?

The “Tory surge” this year appears to be from Unionist Labour supporters switching over. Polls seem to show that this surge has already peaked. Now that could be down to people realising that no mater how much they marketed themselves as the Ruth Davidson Party that these are Tory MPs they’ve elected – and a pretty glaiket bunch at that.

Abandoning the WASPI women, targeting travellers, turning up at England & Wales debates and generally acting as lobby fodder for their imperial masters.

Davidson as the darling of Scottish media never receives the level of questioning that other elected members get, as shown here by Newswatch Scotland.

Her ability to go to ground is a talent. She only appears to check which way the political wind is blowing before commenting.

With no policies as such she’s spent the last few years solely banging the union drum.

But that doesn’t matter, she’s doing all the right things for a modern politician, appearing on Have I got News For You, lined up for Great British Bake Off. She’s a celebrity dontcha know.

This is a woman who scurried across from Glasgow to Edinburgh in  the last Holyrood election after seeing the dramatic swing to the SNP in the previous General Election. A jump to Westminster before the shine fades here is a sensible career move.

At the moment she’s talking of a Scottish constituency – presumably to balance Westminster & Holyrood. Don’t know why she’s bothered, it’s not like she does many surgeries. I suppose it would look bad on the HR election leaflets putting “Ruth for a stronger opposition” again when the voters are expecting her to clear off sooner rather than later.

But if she does want the top job she’s going to have to get an English seat as EVEL makes things awkward. I cannot wait to see what they think of her in the Home Counties. Bluster and finger-pointing only go so far. Her brash laddish demeanour may go down well with the Scottish media circlejerk brotherhood but I can see the pearls and twinset brigade having a different opinion.

I wonder if Murdo is preparing his next leadership campaign?


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