Just another day

New Year’s Day and 2018 already shows a not unexpected continuation of the Tory hubris.

So hot on the heels of May bribing giving honours to various important MPs within her party we have the announcement of Toby Young getting appointed to the new university regulator Office for Students.

Now if there was ever an example of the opposite of meritocracy this is it. The most honest thing this man has ever done is include the word toad in his twitter handle. Some toads secrete poison strong enough that a single drop can kill a human. Toby Young on the other hand is one of those people who poison society.

He only gets where he is because of his daddy whilst sneering at those who actually work to get where they are. 

He talks but knows nothing.

He’s a complete prick and this appointment sums up this government completely. Having him anywhere near education is almost as bad as having Hunt near the Health Service.

Yet again I’m grateful for being in Scotland where they can have no direct effect





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