Pressing Concerns

Last January controversial Bath-based (Am I doing it right?) Wings Over Scotland did a post Data Without Information about how the political parties send the media “Christmas Boxes” embargoed to various days over the festive system.

Derek Bateman did one better this year, he got hold of a copy of Labour’s Christmas Box and the correlation between it and the recent news cycle has been remarkable.

Obviously the media has been appalled that people have been commenting negatively on this practice. They’ve been quick to point out that all the parties do it.

My response to that is then show us all the Christmas Boxes. Lets have a look. Would be interesting to see which stories get the most provenance.

There’s too much copy & pasting going on in newspaper and not enough journalism.

(Disclaimer – I’m not a journalist and so I’m going to copy & paste to my heart’s content as you are about to see)



The case above for example Labour Christmas Box starts from 23rd December (2 weeks ago) with the release for today (6th January)


Conveniently  for them the EIS (Educational Institute for Scotland) had their press release out on the 5th


EIS issues strike threat over pay

Now the above seems strange because after the Herald article I saw quite a few tweets along the lines of :


EIS strike threats are not uncommon


Almost as if there’s a story being worked on, but the unions wouldn’t do that would they?

Which brings me to another story from yesterday: 350 redundancies at Doosan Babcock 

Richard Leonard was immediately asking what the SNP was going to do about it (while he presumably planned to hang around outside and have photo shoots as he did at BiFab)

The article naturally includes comments from the GMB who naturally want to protect their members’ jobs:


I can only imagine both Leonard & Cook’s delight upon hearing Keith Brown MSP’s quick actions.


So the majority of jobs haven’t even started yet and it looks like these are fixed term contracts not core staff.

Strange the union wasn’t aware of that… or that neither the BBC or STV have updated their articles.

I think I can say fairly confidently that Scottish media have a tendency to print any shite that come from the Labour party without doing any checks. It’s not like the “stories” above are uncommon.

They come out with”but the Scottish Government need scrutiny”

YES, yes they do.

But our media doesn’t scrutinise. It’s like being informed by the bastard child of Chicken Little and the Boy who cried wolf.

When something serious actually happens  no one is going to believe them and this just isn’t good enough.

What worries me even more is that the BBC & STV take their lead from the newspapers (or at least that’s always been their excuse)

Now the BBC will be funding local reporters under the guise of local democracy. Scotland will be getting 21.5 reporters of the total 145.5. At almost 15% it’s higher than you would expect. Maybe they think we need more of their type of democracy.

DC Thompson (Sunday Post & Courier) are getting 4 reporters and The Shetland News 0.5.

The majority of UK funding is going to Trinity Mirror (Daily Record & Sunday Mail), Newsquest (Herald, Sunday Herald & National) and Johnston Press (Scotsman) so I imagine that will be proportionally reflected in Scotland.

Somehow I’m not reassured that this will actually increase local democracy rather just tighten the links between the different branches of the media.

I suppose it will make it easier to reach in their next circle-jerk.





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