Fumbling along

It’s been a busy few days politically, so where to begin?

The big story was going to be the Cabinet shuffle. It ended up less of a shuffle, more a misdeal. Honestly just when you think the line up of the Cabinet can’t get any worse, May manages to do it.

And if rumours are correct some refused to be moved. I’m sorry, just who is in charge? Oh yeah, that will be Murdoch & Dacre.

I mean Hunt is still in Health despite the ongoing meltdown in the English NHS and now has Social Care to wreak havoc on. I’m sure there’s lots of juicy contracts there for his business pals.

If that’s not bad enough, and trust me if I believed in god I’d be thanking her every night that Hunt’s not in charge of SNHS, Esther McVey is back at the DWP and who can forget her views on food banks.

As we have said, it is positive: people are reaching out to support others in church groups, community groups, local supermarkets and other groups.

In the UK, it is right to say that more people are visiting food banks, as we would expect. Times are tough and we all have to pay back the £1.5 trillion of personal debt, which spiralled under Labour. We are all trying to live within our means, change the gear, and ensure we are paying back all the debt that we saw under Labour.

Hansard, 18 December 2013

I’ve highlighted the 3 bits that piss me off the most.

  1. No it’s not positive, supporting society is the job of government and should not be down to charities.
  2. “More people at food banks…. as we would expect!” Nice to know this was intended.
  3. All trying to live between our means – ALL – really?

She lost her seat in 2015 in the backlash against the misery she and IDS caused while she was under him at the DWP. She only got back into Parliament after being shunted into the safe seat of Tatton.

I’m beginning to think May is appointing the modern-day avatars of the 4 horsemen; we’ve got Pestilence & Famine so far.

Of course, some of her appointees are better compared to fairy tale characters, Dopey David Davies for example. He’s Grumpy because the EU have been making contingency plans for a No deal Brexit. And why are they doing this? Is it because the Minister for Exiting the EU has said repeatedly that “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”

As the EU Spokesperson said “we are surprised that the U.K. is surprised that we are preparing for scenario announced by U.K. Govt itself”.

You couldn’t make this shite up.

Then in what will be no shock to anyone, Cabinet tea-boy Fluffy Mundell assurances that Clause 11 of the Withdrawal Bill (the bit that decides which if any of 111 devolved powers currently at the EU will return to Scotland) would be amended in the Commons have fallen flat. The deadline has been missed and the Bill will pass to the Lords, an unelected chamber in which the SNP has no representatives.

What did surprise me however is that the cross-party Finance & Constitution Committee unanimously agreed that Holyrood should reject the Brexit legislation. That committee includes Adam Tomkins and Murdo Fraser!

Unsurprisingly the archived article above finished with the standard quote from Leonard that the SNP were using Brexit “to divert attention away from their record in government and towards their obsession with the constitution”. Jeez, he’s like a stuck record. Two of his own MSPs sit on this committee; James Kelly & Neil Bibby – admittedly they’re not the most dynamic but they were part of the unanimous agreement.

Returning true to form Fraser has come out in support of the Ineos legal challenge to the fracking ban. If you want to know my feelings on the unmitigated disaster that fracking would be there’s a few blog posts here.

And finally the dead cat that is the odious Toady Young has found that freedom of speech works both ways and that sometimes it doesn’t matter how many connections you have. I’m sure his Directorship of the New Schools Network and regular column at the Spectator will keep him from penury, the twat.



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