And we haven’t even left yet

Fruit and vegetables left to rot in fields after fall in farm workers from the EU after Brexit vote

One farmer in Fife said he dumped enough vegetables to “feed 15,000 people for a year”

I don’t like to say “I told you so” but I did, here & here and that’s without me looking that hard.

I suppose the next thing to look forward to after the new passports will be ration books or dig for Britain campaigns – how jolly that will be. Pity allotments are getting sold off to developers.

Agriculture needs these workers; so unless you want to sign up for bloody awful back-breaking low-paid work in all weathers the price of food is going to rocket.  I’ve done my stint, it wasn’t fun.

But don’t worry there’s always pensioners to do it, it’s not like they deserve to get their pension for nothing and they have all that free time (this is sarcasm)

Any farmer that thinks the Government is going to reinstate visas for seasonal European workers after Brexit, well I’ve a bridge to sell you.

The problem right now isn’t the visas, the problem is Europeans don’t want to come to an angry xenophobic nation and I can’t blame them.

There is no soft Brexit, this is not set out as a binary choice we can either be in Europe or not. With both major political parties backing out I can see hard times ahead.


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