I saw this today: Corbyn: ‘We shouldn’t have hungry children in Scotland’.

Oh Do Fuck Off.

The few times he drags his arse over the border it’s always to attack the SNP, a party that would work with him against the Tories, rather than the actual Tories themselves.

No Scotland shouldn’t have hungry children but then neither should England or Wales and I don’t see his bunch doing anything about it. Labour needs to work out what being Her Majesty’s Opposition means because they are fucking spineless.

He follows that up with Holyrood “desperately needs” a Labour government and claimed it would “unlock the potential of devolution”.

Bollocks, since when? It never did before.

It’s just another stock answer, same as abolishing the House of Lords. 100 years later the ermine troughers are still getting £300 a day plus expenses and subsidised bars.

The only way to get Labour to campaign for anything is to kick them out of power. The protests for equal pay in Glasgow this weekend being a prime example.

The hypocrisy of seeing union and Labour activists saying they are standing up for the women they have shafted for the previous decade wasting millions on fighting equal pay court cases would be breathtaking if we hadn’t already seen them do it time and time again.

What Corbyn means is Labour still can’t poll better than this omnishambles of a Tory party with its increasingly bizarre leader and he’s desperately trying to guilt trip Scotland into voting for them.

Maybe he should bear in mind Scotland voted 62% to stay in the EU whereas he is content to lay back and let the UK go for Brexit.

Labour is not entitled to Scottish votes it has to earn them. Until they learn that they will get nowhere.




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