Is it cos I is English?

RICHARD GAnd so it came to pass that Richard Leonard played the English card. <rolls eyes>

Have to admit I did think he would take a little longer to do this but then again I didn’t expected him to be so bad a leader. Watching him jiggle at FMQs each week is cringworthy.

He said

I accept there is an extent to which Scottish politics has become about geography, but I think it should be more about principle. I think we need to break out of this confinement that it’s about where you’re from and ‘you’re not from around here’, which I think is quite a corrosive part of our politics, and get back to ‘these are the ideas’

To drag up the old “Scots are anti-English” chestnut is usually a sign that Labour have nothing else to say, but then they’ve been scraping the bottom of any barrel for a long time.

Now I don’t deny there is racism in Scotland but I know anything I face being English is nothing compared to the prejudices others might experience. It’s not an issue.

I did experience some minor anti-English sentiment during IndyRef – ironically from No voters (so much for their family of nations spiel.) It made me laugh more than anything else. We’re better together – how dare you take part in our vote. 🤨

It wasn’t the Yes side that went on about foreigners – that was people like Margaret Curren with her infamous “My son, for example, who went to university in England, I think I’d be uncomfortable with the thought that he’s now a foreigner.”


I don’t care what nationality my daughter is when she grows up, she will always be my daughter.

Labour has no issue with flirting with xenophobia if they think it will get them votes. They even put it on a mug FFS!

So maybe Richard, and I say this as an Englishwoman, maybe it’s not because you’re English but because you are:

  • a member of the Labour party
  • useless as a leader
  • a bandwagon jumper
  • unable to provide positive policies of your own
  • unable to deal with the racism in your own party

I’ll admit I have no time for Richard Leonard, you may have picked up on that from my previous blog posts.

Not because of where he came from, I dislike what he stands for.

He’s a mouthpiece for a party that does not want Scottish independence, which will quite happily see us go through austerity and all that entails; the homelessness, the foodbanks, the gig-economy, the horrific PIP assessments, ATOS.

It’s got worse under the Tories but I expected better of Labour for so many years. Then I realised they are more than comfortable with their place in the establishment. They don’t want to rock the boat, they are far too cosy with the current set up under Westminster of taking it in turns at being in power. Being “slightly” better than the Tories isn’t good enough. That’s why I won’t vote for Labour.

Leonard doesn’t want a Labour Scottish Government to improve Scotland. We only have to look at Wales to see how they perform in charge of a devolved assembly.

He wants Scotland to vote Labour to support a Labour Westminster Government. We are, as always, voter fodder for him.

Voting Labour, staying in the union, just means more of the same over and over again.

Being Independent, now that’s radical. That can bring “real change”.


Richard G image by @shiny02



2 thoughts on “Is it cos I is English?

  1. Love it the pic is great. I am from England too and just before the indy ref in 2014, a friend, now ex friend, sent me a photo of a street where I grew up, it was the most depressing pic, showing the utter poverty of 1940s-50 NE England, he wrote, ‘just thought this might remind you where you come from’. He is a staunch Labour voter, said he reluctantly voted yes but I somehow doubt it, and is a champagne socialist.

    So that was prob the only time my coming from England, was used against me having lived in Scotland for 27 years at that time. It was disgusting and from a unionist, a Britnat.

    I am now perplexed more each day about devolution, it just doesn’t work. It is a mish mash, with some powers here, some there, and a country next door that can rid erough shod over the needs and aspirations of the people of Scotland. Sometimes I watch people in cars, and think wow, is it not strange that people sit in metal boxes, polluting the fuck out of the planet?

    Dick Leonard is clueless when it comes to Scotland that is clear, he is paid a huge wage for doing, well, nothing and is working only in the interests of the Britnat establishment, it pays well.

    This is why devolution now looks like the wet blanket it was always going to be, where most of those at Holyrood are working for England, it’s just daft.
    We need independence, it’s crucial to the suvival of Scotland. That will come but definitely not with the help of any faux ‘Scottish Labour’ or any other Britnat party.

    Roll on IndyRef#2.


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