No rhyme or reason

Brexit is meant to lead the UK to Empire 2.0 where we are embraced by the Commonwealth countries to form a new global trading partnership. Isn’t that what we’re told? Our family of nations will stand together?

So how the fuck will pissing off other Commonwealth countries achieve that?  50,000 people who have lived here for decades now have uncertain status not because they have done anything wrong but because the Home Office have changed the rules on them.

The treatment of the Windrush children is not only immoral & cruel, it is politically stupid. Britain is systematically alienating other nations (unless they are ruled by a dictator who likes buying weapons)

As I’ve said before May was an atrocious and ineffective Home Secretary.  This “hostile environment” the Home Office has pursued is down to her. The Go Home vans were even described as nasty by Farage FFS! She is fully responsibility for it.

This “Christian” is a hateful woman clinging to a selfish narcissistic President.

I keep thinking I can’t be more ashamed of the UK and yet thanks to this accidental Prime Minister I find I can.

The new British Values seem to be bigotry, bluster and deceit.


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