Same old same old


“We’re listening” appears to be a regular announcement from the Labour Party in Scotland. It’s something they come out with after every election and leadership change.

I’ve talked about this cycle they go through before, in fact a few times, to the stage when I’m sick of talking about it.

I have always wondered who they talked to? Well, last night I was one of these people. I was invited by YouGov to take part in a focus group for a Labour group, Labour Together. (Yes that name raised my hackles a bit)

I did a bit of reading on their page, nothing past 2016. It’s a very English line up in the “who we are” section, although Jack McConnell, Ian McCartney and Neil Kinnock  are only listed as supporters. Their future partners were listed as the The Fabians, Compass & Progress so it feels quite Blairite to me.

But I thought why the hell not let them know just how I feel about them.  I had mentioned it to a couple of friends I was going, one gave me a long rant – heavily peppered with the word “cunts”, the other was of the opinion I shouldn’t say anything that could help them, my reaction being they’ve never listened before, why will they start now.

Bit nervous going in but I needn’t have been, the group was made up of ex-labour voters who now vote SNP. (not a small group in Scotland.) Before the session started and while we were talking I asked if we were all the type to start ranting about politics 2 pints into a party, the answer came back – that’s what we do in Scotland.

The session was recorded but we were informed that there were members of the Labour group on the other side of a very large mirror watching us. It felt a bit inhibiting to start with but by the end I could have happily repeated the “cunt rant” to them.

It was nice hearing others, not on Twitter, come out with similar opinions. and to stop this getting too long I’ll bullet the ones I can remember

  • Labour took Scottish voters for granted
  • Elected members were self-serving & cut off from their communities
  • They put down Scotland’s achievements
  • No ambition for Scotland
  • Too negative, no positive vision
  • Make unnecessary mountains out of mole hills, eg New Forth Bridge crossing shutting for 2 days when completed 3 months early – this type of criticism looks bad on them not the SNP
  • Blocking powers in Smith commission
  • They had moved to the right
  • Triangulating to get votes rather than determining policy on principles
  • Pandering to EDL voters
  • No policy on Brexit – trying to be all things to everyone
  • PFI was a mistake
  • Scottish Labour won’t recover until they split from UK Labour
  • Richard Leonard
    • no real world experience
    • disconnected from the electorate
    • no passion
    • no beliefs
    • deliberately confusing reserved & devolved powers
    • all about UK Labour
  • And most of all – that the party does not pull together behind it’s twice elected leader. If they can’t work together, how can they lead the country?

We also discussed

  • Ruth Davidson (shallow, elusive, ambitious, no substance, media supported, obsessed with independence)
  • Lib-Dems (briefly with swearing)
  • and  what we thought the SNP were doing right (positive, mitigating Westminster policies, could do better if they had more powers).

Hopefully gave them something to think about

Anyway, I then get home and the “Strengthening the Union” debate was on. Christ now that was something to fracture it even more. Yet again Labour lining up with the Tories to snarl at the SNP, although this bit of Blue on Red made a nice change. (Thanks Sarah)

In the mean time the Scottish Labour account were doing their usual mix of bullshit & lies.

Do they still think we have such short memories that we can’t remember

  • Callaghan himself did not blame his own MPs
  • Labour had the opportunity to bring down May’s government LAST WEEK!



Image: Alexas_Fotos Pixabay


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