This rat tastes funny Dad


Bits of post has been churning round in my head for a while now and I finally have time to try to get it into some sort of order. I have to process this all a bit at a time because  facing it full on panics me.

The Brexit negotiations  take clusterfuck to new levels of ineptitude. The Tory party can’t even agree within itself what it wants and anything proposition it manages to cobble together to forward to the EU negotiation team has usually already been refused.

There are some things they will not do, splitting up the 4 Freedoms  being one and negotiating as individual countries is another. That’s how the EU works and is able to trade with Japan, India and *checks notes* ah yes the US. Trump’s America First policy won’t give tiny isolated UK any soft options.

The Thick of It writers could never have imagined anything as incompetent, disastrous and self-serving as the collection of pricks we have running this. Farage’s family have Germany passports , Rees-Mogg is hiding his money in Ireland, Johnson is now sucking up to Bannon, runaway May is on a UK tour to sell the current shitshow and got roasted by teenagers.

She says we should be reassured that the government are making plans to stockpile food and medicines.

“This is not just about stockpiling” so what is it? M&S stockpiling?

Reassured? Sake, we’re not at war. Planning for rationing in WW2 started 3 years before the war started. We have until 29th March next year.

I know it’s not comparable in that there won’t be U-boats blockading them, but our own customs will do that. 30 mile queues of lorries expected. How long before suppliers say “Fuck that” and find other markets. Experts (remember them?) have been talking about food security for months now.

So, what happens if we get “adequate” food? Remember this is the government that has decided to cut costs on English toddlers milk by reducing quantity or quality. How the fuck do you reduce quality of milk? How very British to not require food standards, pasteurisation is so Continental.

Remembrance ParadeThose at the top will not go without. They never do. Churchill is famous for his consumption of champagne throughout the war.

May or whoever will  still have their Lord Mayors banquets. How very shiny it all is.


Yet again this Government have lied, they said they’ve spoken to industry. No they hadn’t, because industry would have laughed in their faces. Everything operates on a just-in-time basis. Couple of days of snow makes that apparent. It’s up to individuals to sort out their own supply. Isn’t that how conservatism works? And if you can’t manage to do that well you can’t have enough moral fiber, what ho.

4.1 million children are currently living in poverty in the UK, exacerbated by the “two-child policy” These families cannot afford to stock up. They can barely manage as is. Food bank usage is at a record high.

7th richest country in the world and we cannot feed our vulnerable now. If anyone is a traitor to this country it is those who introduce and implement these policies, not those that are friendly to the EU.

Then there are those who can afford to put a bit (or a lot) extra aside each week, just how long are they meant to stockpile for? I mean I have my Irn-Bru stash but it takes up space. We don’t have the space to do the same for anything imported.

Talking the other night about the UK’s food supply Scotland produces more than its relative share. Supporting our local farmers in the tough times ahead is important. We are all going to struggle and we need them to keep going.  Our diets will get restricted, lots of oats, lots of neeps; we need to think of it as getting more regular Burns nights. (I’m desperately looking for a positive here)

And then there’s medicine. For example we don’t make insulin in this country. How many diabetics are there that rely on it? Again May won’t go short, I notice she has the monitoring system that the NHS won’t provide to lesser mortals.

Sometimes I think we should be more continental and less stiff upper lip and grumbling on Twitter (put my hand up to that) There’s no way the French population (especially the farmers) would put up with the shite that we do.

At the start of the EU referendum I was unsure which way to vote. The EU is far from perfect, but the one thing that pushed me too remain was the thought of being in an isolated UK with the Tories in charge. Another 50 years of austerity is terrifying.

Image by Stewart Bremner




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