Do you need to ask?

I’m signed up to do YouGov polls. It can be quite interesting, for example the other year I got invited to express how I feel about the Labour party in Scotland. Now that was cathartic!

Today one of their current topic questions was “Do I feel sorry for Theresa May?”

Remember back to 2002 when as freshly-appointed chairwoman to the Tory party she warned them they were seen as the Nasty Party?

Someone who prior to being Prime Minister ran the Home Office when it introduced the hostile environment. including those oh so compassionate Go Home vans

This was followed by her speech when she became PM. She could do stand up when they finally lever her out of Number 10.

Since then we have Victorian poverty, increased homelessness, and education system, health service and police services in crisis.

The UK is an international laughing stock. No ones trusts anything the British Government says (if they ever did) and the UK no longer has an empire, commonwealth or the EU to back it up. And the “special relationship” was never more than an unrequited crush on the UK side.

Do I feel sorry for someone that has presided for the last 3 years over this fucking shambles?

She’s exactly where she wanted and still wants to be. You don’t get to be Prime Minister by accident, you out-scheme the competition. Any other Prime Minister would have been long gone by now. All she does is cling on.

And adding insult to injury our EU citizens are being turned away from polling stations because out stupid fucking government can’t contingency plan. It should always have been the case that we plan for these elections and cancel if we came out, not this current shambles.

This government makes me want to apologise every damn day and I never voted for them. I am so ashamed of where the UK is heading.

May the Limpet has managed to make sure both Cameron & Brown are not the worst UK Prime Ministers in history.

That’s some achievement, the frightening thing is it won’t be her either, that title will go to her replacement.


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