Goodbye to AnyVoices


There are a couple more pieces I wrote on the site in addition to the ones I’ve included here, mainly on what was going on at the Art Village CIC where I volunteer.

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“Don’t hate the media, become the media”

This was the last piece I wrote for AnyVoices and one I was pleased to do. I’ve been a big fan of the group and Kevin, who is possibly one of the nicest people i know. They are a great organisation, and I hope they continue to 4.PNG

“We are citizen live stream journalists, people like you are us”

Sitting at a table in the Glad Café, I was pleased to have the chance to catch up with the self-effacing founder member of Independence Live, Kevin Gibney. The Glad is a integral part of the Southside community, and in itself a key player in the Independence Live story.

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The LibDems and the “meh” effect

This was another spontaneous rant for AnyVoices, I was fed up with the LibDems & Carmichael (still am to be honest)

Carmichael may have won his case – by the tiniest of margins- but I’m not sure how the LibDems must feel seeing nearly 10k Orkney Four supporters raise over £200,000 to cover the court costs. 


Tim Farron has been declared the new leader of the Liberal Democrats this week, and a huge cry of “who?” was heard throughout the land. Do you remember the Lib Dems? They’re the party that used to be in coalition with the Tories. For those that enjoy the figures, in the General Election they went from 57 to 8 seats, losing nearly £150,000 in deposits. Slow clap, boys and girls, slow clap.

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Women in Media

This was when my WFI Membership & AnyVoices coincided, I’d seen WFI Clydebank were hosting a discussion, and actually volunteered to write.

Madness, I tell you. The pressure I put myself under writing this up was stupid, and a good example (possibly) of why women don’t like putting themselves forward. However both Angela & WFI tweeted it, so I hope it means it wasn’t too bad.


Last week I attended Onslow Road Community Hall in Clydebank for an informal presentation and open discussion on the topics of women’s participation in Scottish media, and in particular, ways to achieve a balance in gender representation.

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The Hunt’s not on

I was apprehensive giving this to AnyVoices because at the time there were a lot saying that the SNP should not have got involved.It was the result of another late night rant, written after an argument on Twitter. Possibly the fastest thing I’ve written.

I still stand by my point of view, SNP were correct to threaten to vote over this, it is a moral issue. We knew the Tories would use it as an excuse for EVEL, but they were going to do that anyway.

Latest polls show anti-hunting sentiment at around 83% and that some Tory MPs are likely to vote against a relaxation of the ban, possibly enough to defeat the motion (if Labour remember they are an opposition party).

My main hope now is that the laws are tightened up in Scotland.



SNP, have they been flushed out re fox hunting?

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Stewart Bremner meets the Cat

First of all, I did not pick the title to this. 

AnyVoices must have thought I hadn’t been making too bad a hash of writing as they asked me to interview Stewart Bremner. He still talks to me now, so I see that as a good sign.


Thanks to the wonders of Skype I was able to sit and chat with graphic designer Stewart Bremner the other evening without having to face the joys of the Glasgow-Edinburgh train service. The downside? The fun of hearing the rain lash down behind me whilst he sat in the sunshine. I could therefore easily understand why Stewart has spent a large portion of his life there.

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Another piece for AnyVoices, my first spontaneous one. I felt that I had to write it otherwise I would start haranguing people in the street. It’s interesting looking back, as this must be one of the events that started the #SNPBad hashtag.


Yes I know every man and his dog will have an opinion on this, and sorry to add to list, but this woman and her cat is just so gobsmacked at the events of the last few days that I had to write something. And, because you can’t write about this subject without clarifying your position, I don’t condone abusive language, especially when targeted at individuals.

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