Pressing Concerns

Last January controversial Bath-based (Am I doing it right?) Wings Over Scotland did a post Data Without Information about how the political parties send the media “Christmas Boxes” embargoed to various days over the festive system.

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Just another manic Monday

thebanglesliveinsydney2010For obvious reasons I’ve not had much time to check the news/social media these last few days but fuck me it feels like Twitter has been saving up the crazy. I only registered Torrance had written his article again in the last hour.

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What I did on my holidays…


Was realise how much I rely on the Internet. Not just for the laughs on Twitter but for the news, blogs and podcasts. You can only spend so much time lurking in pubs and coffee shops for free wifi because family time is supposed to be time with your family and it starts to looks like you are either a caffeine addict or alcoholic after a while.

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