After yesterday’s post I had a couple of messages asking if I was okay,  and I am. (No I’m not just saying that)

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A spot of self-indulgence

I said in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to turn it into a Twitter who’s who of the people I’d met.

Well, sod it. This is my blog and I can write what I like *Sticks tongue out petulantly*

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This is my first “Random” post and they probably  will be – possibly boring too.  There’s no point to these, I’m clearing out the stuff that tootles round the back of my head. They may be short, I hope so as I don’t want to inflict too much me on you.

This isn’t me, I wear socks now, socks are cool.

Today has been a good day.

It’s amazing how despite the cold the sunshine can improve your mood – or maybe not in my case. Things feel more positive, not just for me but for people I know. I keep hearing good news rather than bad, in some cases GREAT NEWS. News that makes your heart sing.

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