Same old same old


“We’re listening” appears to be a regular announcement from the Labour Party in Scotland. It’s something they come out with after every election and leadership change.

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Ticking the boxes

The Sustainable Growth Commission Report was released last week. I’m not going to comment on the details of it because I haven’t finished reading it yet.

  1. I think it deserves more than a quick skim.
  2. It was far too nice to be indoors!

However  I have seen enough people complaining about it from both ends of the political spectrum. Too radical for some, not radical enough for others.  I imagine there will be some bits I like and some bits I don’t.

It’s a discussion document, a starting point, and so far it seems to have done the trick, people are discussing it.

What it isn’t is a manifesto, it’s also not an exact guide to the way things will be in a iScotland. And why not? Because in an iScotland people will vote for the parties standing and their policies (if they have any). Things don’t stand still. What’s the saying? “All battle plans are great until the first shot is fired”

What I would like to see is other parties matching this document on how they see the future of Scotland whether it it is or out of the union. Tell us what you are going to do, not what we can’t.

When it comes down to it, we can’t all form our own political parties outlining exactly what we want to see. When I think of a Thousand Voices for Yes it would be nice if they weren’t all quibbling over minutiae.

What we need is those that do lead to offer up not just criticisms but their alternatives, so that as a democratic country we can choose what is possibly going to be available.

I still feel that we have a better chance of getting closer to the future I want in an iScotland than in this union.  It may not be exactly the future you want but that’s an argument we’ll have after independence.